The Wealth Freak

So, my very first blog…

First, I would like to introduce myself; I’m The Wealth Freak. Through my website, I will use this as my alias. I currently run multiple international businesses, which is why I have chosen to use an alias.

I have worked with tech, software and finance for what seems like an lifetime. I have accumulated invaluable knowledge through my career, which gave birth to the idea of this blog/knowledge/self-improvement site.

I have always said: “I don’t have competitors, because I hope we all make it”. This is a strong statement, and might seem counterintuitive for some of you, but networking with other entrepreneur who are working 80 hours a week and hearing their story of how they made it, is just amazing and inspiring.

My goal, or mission, with the content throughout the website, is to feed you with inspiring, educational, motivational content, that can put you on the best path toward succes and wealth.

I truly hope, that this will become a site, where hardworking entrepreneurs can network and help each other toward succes!

And please, let us keep a good tone and respect each other. I will not hesitate to block any users or visitors who are disrespectful.

To finish off, I will provide my email, where you are welcome to ask questions, and schedule a meeting or ask for a specific topic to be discussed.



The Wealth Freak

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